Barbara Campbell

American author of children's books. Born in Arkansas. She worked for a number of years as a reporter, specializing in writing articles about social welfare and civil rights issues, and was very successful, being nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. As far as I know she has only written one book, which is a children's pony story set in the Second World War and is a thoughtful exploration of a girl struggling to reconcile her beliefs of what is right and wrong when a beloved horse's life is in danger.

Horse & Pony Books:

aka TAKING CARE OF YOKI (paperback edition)
(DIAL [USA] 1982)
Reprinted in paperback by Harper Trophy in 1986 under the new title.
Also reprinted by Scott Foreman in 1993.
SUMMARY: Historical story set in the Second World War. Barbara Ann, nick-named Bob, finds out that Yoki, the horse that pulls the milk wagon and whom she loves, is to be sold for slaughter. But the only way she can think to save him is to steal him and she is worried that stealing is wrong.

Collector's Info:
The paperback re-titled reprint is very cheap and easy to find in the USA. The hardback is a little bit rarer and usually more expensive. Both editions can be hard to get hold of elsewhere.